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Cellar Door open day - celebrate Bastille day early with Karaka Point Vineyard!

Join us between 11-3 on Saturday 13th Feburary for complimentary tastings of our award winning boutique wines and yummy bread and cheese in celebration of Bastille day!


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Karaka Point Vineyard


Karaka Point Vineyard and Lodge is located on the Karaka Peninsula, Southwest of Auckland, New Zealand. The unique location was chosen by the Martin family for its gentle maritime climate and free draining soils of the region.

Established in 1994 by the late Mik Martin, wife Anne and their three daughters, the Martin family continue to produce award winning wines of unique character and fine quality reflecting the loving nurturing of the vines from budburst to harvest. Set in the family's beautiful estate gardens the vineyard provides for a wonderful experience for wine and garden lovers alike.

The style of winemaking using traditions both old and new that Mik so loved is carried on through the skill of winemaker.   Together with Vineyard owner Anne Martin and the winemaker work closely together to ensure that the impeccable attention to grapes grown on the estate is represented in the bottle. Our fine wines of characteristic style reflect the loving hand tending of the vines to extract the finest grapes with which to create our fruit driven Chardonnays and French Bordeaux style Reds that were the inspiration for our style, uniquely 'Karaka Point Vineyard'


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